​Fuel Cycle Evaluation and Screening Software (SET Tool)

The SET tool was developed to support the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evaluation and Screening Study, and is intended to be used in conjunction with the information contained in the final report on the Study, also located on this web site and completed October 8, 2014.

The SET tool is an Excel-based application that contains the evaluation data for the fuel cycle Evaluation Groups analyzed in the Study, representing the performance with respect to the evaluation metrics used to identify fuel cycle options that offer the potential for significant improvement as compared to the current U.S fuel cycle. The SET tool also contains the range of value judgments used in the Study to aid in determining those fuel cycles that may be considered as having such potential for improvement.

The SET tool can be used in several ways, as follows:
  1. A user can repeat the evaluation and screening process used in the Study that identified the promising options for R&D, with either the entire set of options (Evaluation Groups) or a subset of the options.
  2. A user can explore the effects of varying the relative importance of the criteria on the identification of fuel cycles that might be considered promising for R&D.
  3. A user can perform an evaluation and screening of fuel cycles specified by the user by developing the metric data according to the information in the final report and adding the data to the SET tool.

The SET tool is intended to be a flexible tool for understanding the ability of the choice of fuel cycle to impact criteria of interest. The SET tool and the users guide can be downloaded using the following links:
Eval and Screening.jpgEval screening final report.jpgFuel Cycle Options.jpg